The seasons move quickly, and before I know it, May has arrived. It has been a long time since I have kept a diary. For those of us who work with plants, spring is a very busy time. Repotting, fertilizing, pruning, irrigating, and building shelves are just a few of the tasks that we have to do. In the spring, we build shelves with single pipes, and in the winter, we tear them all down to make room for heavy snowfalls. In the same way, the plants are stored in the facility in the winter and moved outdoors in the spring. The 100,000 pots are moved as if taking a deep breath. The trees, which have grown so large that their pots have become cramped, silently plead, “Hurry up and replant them! But when I come back to myself, I realize that it is only the human mind that is busy, and the rhythms of nature are calm. The beautiful budding of the trees and the sprouting of the buds soothe me, and I try to keep my mind in order as I go about my daily activities.

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