2023/1/15 sun


We feel nature in our daily life and love small changes in our life. I feel that bonsai, a traditional Japanese culture, teaches us, in our busy modern life, what is the essential richness and what is important for a better life. Not only daily healing, but also the difficulty and pleasure of facing living things, the good sense of tension and relaxation that can be gained by correcting our posture a little, and the heart that can notice small changes. The sadness of the occasional withering and the joy of the blossoming of trees that have been carefully cared for are also precious and irreplaceable movements of the heart, I am sure. The heart to feel the subtleties of nature from season to season and the sense of beauty represented by “wabi sabi” are the traditional Japanese spirit that we all have. We should not forget them. However, modern lifestyles have changed drastically. We hope that by adapting this wonderful traditional culture to modern life, we can refine its essential values and make it more frank and enjoyable for as many people as possible. I believe that time spent quietly facing plants is also time to refine one’s mind.

( This document includes machine-translated content. )