2023/4/14 fri


The arrival of spring is coming quickly, and plants are starting to sprout more and more each day. What does your plants look like? In spring, if you expose your plants to plenty of sunlight, they will produce beautiful buds, but on the other hand, you need to be careful about damage from cold weather and frost. If your pet grows wet when the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, it may get sick due to the cold or frost, so check the weather forecast and protect it indoors or under the eaves when the temperature drops. Well, We started with the Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore POPUP in January, followed by a fair at the Gungendo Muromachi store, a fair at Loops in Nagano, a POPUP at Shibuya PARCO, the current Isetan Shinjuku POPUP, Tohoku Standard Market / A flurry of events are being held, such as the fair at Kanei Restore. We will keep you updated on next month’s information on SNS, etc., so please look forward to it. Also, mountain hydrangea, which is popular as a Mother’s Day gift, was recently released. The flowering season is from May to June, so you can enjoy the beautiful flowers at just the right time. The Sekibokka members are busy preparing for this.

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